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Harris Spice Company, division of Harris Freeman & Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Spice Products Company from Farmer Brothers. Spice Products Company has been in business since 1970 offering a wide range of spice and seasoning products produced in their Torrance, California plant and distributed throughout the United States.

Manufacturing will be relocated to the Harris Freeman Anaheim, California site. Please visit http://spiceproductsusa.com for additional information.



At Harris Spice, we understand food is a serious business where food safety and security are our first and foremost priorities. The spices we process – be it for our retail, food service or industrial customers –

meet the highest standards established by the industry. In fact, at Harris, we think of spice as more than a commodity, but a commitment to quality and service. Our two trademarks, Sterling® and Saigon®, are a testament to that commitment where our spices are manufactured to exacting standards. We have an expansive reach with strategic processing facilities located in India and Vietnam. We also have a strong relationship with spice growers globally.

The strength of our business comes from our extensive knowledge and experience.

• We have the expertise to develop blends and products that exactly meet ourcustomer’s requirements.

• One stop shop for all sterilized (Steam and ETO treated) spice products.

• We are able to offer food safe products palletized in full or mixed containers witha certificate of analysis.

• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical ControlPoints) and QMS (Quality Monitoring Systems) are in place at all Harris Spiceproduction facilities.



The Harris Spice “5P” Philosophy is a framework to describe our comprehensive spice offering. The "5Ps” represent the various aspects of our business – Plant, Process, Product, Performance and Partnership that together, deliver our Total Spice Solution..