Manufacturing Process


The Manufacturing process at Harris Spice integrates production and packaging equipment lines with exacting food engineering and safety standards. Harris Spice has achieved operational efficiency with customized spice production equipment. Our engineers employ innovative methods to further clean and process spices as required by our wide array of discerning clientele. The equipments in our plants are used to:


• Clean

• Mill

• Blend

• Remove Dust & Stone

• Remove Metal and Iron filings

• Sterilize


The above manufacturing process ensures that the product is not only clean & sterile but within the specified physical and chemical parameters.


A major investment in our operations has been on Steam-Sterilization equipments. We have three lines:

• In house sterilizer for whole Black Pepper–Continuous process

• Sterilizer for Spice in whole and ground form–Batch process

• Sterilizer for Spice in whole and ground form–
Continuous/In-line process