Our spice processing facility is strategically located in the Southern part of India with close proximity to various spice plantations. The 175,000 square foot plant has the capability of processing over 10,000 MT of spice per annum. Already 3rd party certified by different agencies, the plant continues to validate all its various processes continuously to keep up with the ever-changing food industry.

Salient features:

• 4300 sq. ft in-house laboratory

• 10 processing Lines individually structured to meet quantity and
quality standards.



• Grinding, Blending of bulk spice indigenous to India as well non-Indian spice & herb

• Three steam sterilizers within the facility - one Batch and two
Continuous process

• Lab testing capability for physical, chemical, micro/macro-sanitary & microbiology parameters and Pesticide Residues

• Metal Detector & Magnets on all processing lines as well as
Packaging Lines

• 24/7 Plant security

• HACCP/ISO Compliance