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The Harris Spice Company supports the Harris Freeman Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting origin farming and agricultural communities where we source our spices and herbs.

Harris Spice sources spices and herbs from around the world, including countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and countries in Africa. Many farming communities in sourcing countries are located in lesser developed regions. Our field representatives frequently visit spice growing areas to gain a first hand look at the living conditions and environment of these farming communities.

We are grateful to the commitment of these farming communities for providing us with high quality products that have helped us achieve our reputation for excellence. Our mission is to impact the lives of source farm communities focusing on three critical areas:

1) Educational support

2) Health and safety

3) Sustainable farming practices with respect for the environment

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Through our Backward Integration Farming Program (BIFP), we work directly with spice sourcing farmers to develop and implement scientific and sanitary agricultural practices, processing methods, and storage techniques.

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